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DcBrite Local Laundry. We working hard to make your things clean and fresh

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Carpet CleaningnWe deal in all kinds of Carpet Cleaning in the city Price depends on its Quality.  Professional equipment and experienced team from sofas to car upholstery as well as your carpets. Discounts are available for multiple item/room bookings.

Men’s Clothing We make sure men’s clothes are clean.  A great smell and clean clothes are our goals.

Women’s Clothing very careful about women’s fancy clothes.  Stay classy, live remarkably, and May the Fourth be with you.

Kid Clothing Don’t worry about kids’ clothes stain removal.  Save yourself time and hassle.

Bed linen should be neat and clean to have great rest.  Let’s freshen and neat your blankets and other stuff. Some Local Laundry Pickup-new, fine snow can spruce up your fleece cover in no time without any stresses.

DcBrite Main Processing ( Manager Toney )

Seasons Laundry 985 Prospect Ave, Bronx

MegaSuds Laundromat 1490 Boston Rd, Bronx

Tessanne Housekeeping 1690 Longfellow Ave, Apt 3f

Tremont Laundry 113 E Tremont Ave, Bronx

Leave it to us Inc. 184 E. Mount Eden pky. Apt. 5C

Flood Control – Bronx NY Certified Water Extr 2076 Jerome Ave, Ste C, Bronx

American Maintenance & Janitorial Services & 1074 Home St, Bronx

Anointed Generation Cleaning Services LLC 1560 Townsend Ave, Bronx

Flood Control – Bronx NY Water Runoff, 24/7 E 6 E 183rd St, Ste B

Ramos Flooring Plus Davidson Avenue, Bronx

3462 third ave laundromatn3462 3rd Ave, Bronx

Cooperative Cleaning of New York 400 E Fordham Rd, Bronx

Valley Cleaning Service Rt6, Putnam Valley

Dependable Cleaning Service for NY 10460

Xpress Maintenance LLC 1251 Morrison Ave Apt 2R

Personal Touch Dry Cleaning Delivery Service, Personal Touch Dry Cleaning Delivery Service 132-07 14 Aven

Green Apple CleanersnGreen Apple Cleanersnn92 Greenwich AvenFalcon LaundromatnFalcon Laundromatnn804 Woodward AvenLT Baron's Dry Cleaners & LaundrynLT Baron's Dry Cleaners & Laundrynn520 E 11th StnCasa Organic Dry CleanersnCasa Organic Dry Cleanersnn155 W 21st StnBAY VIEW LAUNDRYnBAY VIEW LAUNDRYnn519 Bay St Lndgn708 Splashing Laundromatn708 Splashing Laundromatnn708 W 177th StnLaundry 2 YounLaundry 2 YounnKissena AvenIn House LaundromatnIn House Laundromatnn50 Rutledge StreetnExpress CleanersnExpress Cleanersnn2094 Frederick DouglasnBubbles N Go LaundromatnBubbles N Go Laundromat

Rates: Great cleaning services at awesome prices. The rates are pocket-friendly.

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