Business has been so good, wow! you may need more space? Then expand? Why and how will this affect you, your loyal customers?

We want to let you know about our 11 new laundry Drop-off Satellite locations. We’ve anticipated the growth and consolidation of our industry and need you, our customers continued support to continue the current growth path. This will improve our pickup Time, save us on expenses, and Give us additional needed space. In addition, we have 2 New Zip codes. We would like to welcome the 2 new locations joining the team. if you are located in these 2 new zip codes, you can drop your laundry and expect the same level of service we are known for and you expect.

NAICS Code 812320 – Dry-cleaning and

#1 What is the DCBrite Premium Business opportunity?

Laundry Services (except Coin-Operated).

dcbRite is a Local  Automated, turnkey, online business opportunity, that offers several revenue streams. Every day, our consumers search online for the best local laundry service provider. Our Clients are looking for great services, great prices, reliability, and customer service. More than half of our customers, use laundromats or similar organizations regularly. Why not use the internet to access this sizable brick-and-mortar marketplace? There is no end to the amount of money that can be made from this business opportunity because everyone needs to wash laundry. This is convenient and will make life easy for customers.

​#2 Where do the Business opportunity revenue and earnings come from?

Revenue and earnings streams are all derived from regular monthly orders and sales, provided by you and recurring customer subscriptions. 

Additional revenue earnings are available from the Dcbrite Local, our website, Laundromats, Drop stores, Valets, Hotels, Apartment buildings, and business-to-business opportunities and funding! 

#3. Who are Local laundromat partners?

dcbRite Business opportunity website provides service through multiple joint venture partners. Our JV partners generate a potential income for every customer or order you bring to them. Because of this special income stream that is built into our website. When visitors or customers create an order and make a purchase, you also share in the revenue from that customer’s order. Not just once, but every time this customer places a  recurring order. This will generate an automated order to This order is also used as verification when the delivery person arrives, he will show his ID and your order on his cell phone to the customer for order verification. To pick up your custom order and deliver it to your local processing center, This order is then sorted, and tagged, and a bill is generated digitally to the customer via Email or text message. this order is then processed and returned to your local customer at the scheduled time. This was all done by you. all from the safety of your home. without breaking a sweat.

#4. Where do the partner’s revenue and earnings come from?


Schedule dcbRite Services: B2B Request, Services form

Schedule a pickup: You can schedule a pickup online. Choose a date and time for the pickup, and provide your service address and any specific instructions for your laundry.

Prepare your laundry: Before the pickup, according to the type of items and any specific instructions or allergies. You may also need to provide a hypoallergenic detergent or fabric softener you prefer.

Pickup: On the scheduled date and time, a driver will arrive at your address to pick up your laundry. They’ll confirm the details of your order, take your laundry bags or containers, and provide you with a receipt or confirmation of pickup.

Laundry processing: The laundry service will process your laundry according to your preferences and instructions. This may involve sorting, washing, drying, folding, and/or ironing.

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Delivery: Once your laundry is ready, the service will deliver it back to your address at the time that you specify. You’ll receive a notification when your laundry is on its way, and the driver will typically provide you with your clean laundry and collect a payment, if necessary.

Schedule pickup online with the address, date, time, and instructions.

Prepare laundry based on type and allergies.

The driver confirms details, takes laundry, and provides a receipt.

Laundry is processed according to your preferences.

Delivery at the specified time with notification and payment collection. Schedule your dcbRite admin:

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