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We offer pickup and delivery services for a wide range of products and items,

All within a 20-mile radius of your designated Pickup and Drop-off Location.

While our primary focus is on laundry and groceries, we are open to accommodating other items upon confirmation of Business and Product.


Private Residences, Diners, Bakeries, Pizzerias, Bars and Grill, Coffee Shop, Pubs, Hospital, Deli, Food Trucks…

DC Brite Local: Dorms, Restaurants, Laundromats, Hotels, and more. Dry Clean Brite Local Delivery

Great Service. Great Price. Clean Laundry. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service with 24-Hour Pick-UP My Laundry

Schedule pickup online, provide instructions, sort or prep laundry, and note allergies. The driver will Collect, schedule a drop-off time, and give a pick receipt. Laundry will be processed as instructed and then delivered at the scheduled time.

Discover our expansive network of personal Laundry and Dry cleaning services, spanning 600+ cities, and serving 9,000 zip codes. Our comprehensive offering includes washing and drying.

Laundry and Dry cleaning Service

Expert folding, all meticulously delivered on the same day. Join us as a new customer and enjoy an exclusive $7 discount with code “SaveNow.” Confirm unbeatable pricing, check your service area, request a pickup, and book your service today. Experience the ultimate in laundry convenience.

Local Residential Laundry Customer Services, including Commercial Small Businesses, Laundry Pickup With Free Pickup and Delivery. Additional Discount Dry Cleaning, With Free Pickup and Delivery Also Available.

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